Example 1 : 

  1.  You need to implement our shortner short url in your 2 sites.
  2.  Then you can manually complete our short url 1 times from your 1 site. You can check your views are increase instantly in Ls2Earn publisher dashbord. after you complete once more complete our short url from same site and you check your Ls2Earn publisher dashboard your view is not counted now.
  3.  Now you can check once for site 2.
  4. If our shortner work like other shortner then your view is not counted for site 2.


Example 2 :

  1.  If You don't have 2 site you can open 2 shortner site 1 is our and second is other shortner.
  2.  Also you need 2 faucet site one is your and second is other to whom implement you selected both shortner.
  3.  we suggest use for choose 2 shortner and 2 faucet.
  4.  You can complete first shortlink from faucetzoid short wall and then complete in your site. Check both shortner dashboard in our your view is counted and in other shortner is not counted.


Also we can't stay online at 24 hours so we can not fraud at a time when you crosscheck our shortner and our views are instantly update in Ls2Earn publisher dashboard If you think we scam a payment then think about it. Why we give to much time to check shortner workflow model. We are explained it because many user give bad response.

Thank you for trusting us.