Publisher Rates

We increase our publisher rate to 2$.


Our System count your views by domain and ip. So if your any user complete our link from another site and then they complete in your site then view counted to both users.

Ls2Earn Other High CPM URL Shortner
 No fake downloadnow/getlink button  10-12 fake downloadnow/getlink button
 Less popad  Too much popad
 More view are added  Less view are added
  • 1000 people click on link
  • 995 view are added (no fake button+ count once timer reach 0)
  • Cpm = 2$
  • 2$*998/1000= 1.99$
  • You got 1.99$
  • Less redirection so users like it.
  • 1000 people click on link
  • 250 view are added (10-12 fake button + count only when real button got click by visitor)
  • Cpm = more than 3$
  • 3$*250/1000=1.0$
  • You got 1$ 
  • For Many redirection you loss your users.
Result of this table:

Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $2.0000 $2.0000


Also You can crosscheck our system. If You don't have trust on us.

How to Crosscheck Our Shortner?

You need to test our system for few days


  1. This is what we see way too often. And that’s how You get low profits with “high” CPM!
  2. In my experience, it’s always better to check your account statement, the money you’ve earned, rather than looking only at CPM value.